Health Officials Seize From Thunder Bay, Ont. Restaurant


THUNDER BAY, Ont. — More than 1,100 pounds of seafood and chicken, which was shipped to a Thunder Bay, Ont. restaurant in an unrefrigerated truck, has been seized by Thunder Bay District Health, reports CBC News.

The problem was discovered when a truck holding the seafood was stopped at a weight scale in the Durham region by the transportation ministry. The frozen food, which must be transported at a temperature of -18 C, was stored in a rented cube van. Health officials used company invoices to track the truck and notified health units of the issue.

Fei Zhou, a China House spokesperson, told CBC News the restaurant refuses any shipments of meat or seafood that isn’t frozen upon delivery.

The product was served for four days before the food-safety issue was discovered. There have been no reports of illness. []


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