Heinz Dip and Squeeze Ketchup Comes to Canada


Toronto — H.J. Heinz has introduced its Dip & Squeeze ketchup to Canada.

The product, which launched in the U.S. last year, is a dual-function ketchup package that makes on-the-go eating easier. A consumer can either peel back the top for dipping or rip off the tip to squeeze onto foods.

“The 24-ml Heinz Dip & Squeeze package joins our 57-ml Room Service bottle, 26-ml Heinz Megapak and the traditional 8-ml packet and gives foodservice operators the choice of four single-serve formats to meet the growing needs of their business and their patrons,” said Phillip Pavlov, Heinz Foodservice senior product manager.

The first restaurant chain in Canada to offer Heinz Dip & Squeeze is Hero Certified Burgers, which has 24 outlets in the Greater Toronto area.

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