Heirloom Rice Grows in Popularity


TORONTO — Heirloom rice, a variety of rice developed in association with the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation and based on rice grown before the American Civil War, could be the next trend in rice, according to The Globe and Mail.

The grain was developed by Glenn Roberts, a Charleston-based 30-year veteran of restaurant and hotel concept design, who, in 1998, began growing heirloom corn, rice and wheat organically, re-creating ingredients from pre-Civil War Southern cuisine. The new rice, Charleston Gold Rice, is a cross between Carolina Gold Rice and other varieties that carry similar traits as Charleston Long Rice.

A number of chefs across the U.S., including Thomas Keller in Calfornia, Charlie Trotter in Chicago, and Jodi Adams in Boston, are already using the new product.

For more on heirloom rice story, visit theglobeandmail.com.

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