Hellmann’s Partners with Chef Matty Matheson

Chef Matty Matheson holding a large bottle of Hellman's mayonnaise

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Hellmann’s has partnered with chef Matty Matheson for its “Real Talk with Matty” foodservice campaign, which kicked off this month. The recipe content and video series with Matheson and other guest chefs highlight why Hellmann’s is the only choice when it comes to their recipes.

To showcase versatility and performance of Hellmann’s, Matheson developed a custom recipe for operators for a blackened shrimp salad melt with zip-zip sauce featuring Hellmann’s. The blackened shrimp is chopped and tossed with zip-zip sauce featuring mayo, pickled jalapenos, onions and lemon juice, and then sandwiched between two slices of Monterey Jack cheese on sliced bread. The outer slices of bread are coated with mayo before being placed in a pre-heated pan for a crispy sandwich.

In the series, chef Mike Morales of Sunda, a modern Asian restaurant with locations in Chicago, Nashville and Tampa, prepared his signature tiger shrimp tempura with candied walnuts, frisée and creamy honey aioli. Chef Dan Moody of Mia Francesca, an Italian restaurant with multiple locations, also joined the series to share his recipe for grilled maitake mushrooms with bangna cauda.

Additionally, Matheson teamed up with Unilever’s chef Brandon Collins to highlight Hellmann’s hacks in a variety of applications, from marinating chicken skewers to crafting instant aioli variations. The chefs share labour-saving tops for making creamier dips and sauces in large batches, as well as marinades for enhanced moisture retention and ideal browning.

“Paring up with Hellmann’s was a no-brainer,” says Matheson. “I’ve worked in many kitchens around the world and opened a handful of restaurants, but one of the consistent staple ingredients I use is Hellmann’s. It’s versatile, it’s quality, it’s thick and creamy. Slather it on any sandwich, make a couple of dips, a couple of spreads, a couple of sauces or toss oss it up in a salad.”

“We’re excited to be working with chef Matty Matheson to demonstrate why Hellmann’s is the preferred choice among chefs and operators,” says Collins. “As someone who often uses mayo in his recipes and has even referred to himself as a ‘Hellmann’s guy’ in the past, Matheson and Hellmann’s felt like a natural partnership.”

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