High Liner CEO Honoured


LUNENBURG, N.S. — Henry Demone, president and CEO of High Liner Foods, has reason to celebrate with news he has been named IntraFish Media’s 2011 Person of the Year.

“I am honoured and humbled to get this award,” the CEO told Seafood International, which is produced by IntraFish Media. “I’m honoured, because IntraFish is an organization with a global reach in seafood. I am humbled because the hard work of a lot of people go into making High Liner a great company, not just the CEO. All the company’s employees contribute to making this a great company. They have all contributed to the success.”

The long-time industry vet has seen the reported $585-million seafood company through a wealth of changes. It the past few years, the company has acquired Fishery Products International and Viking Seafoods. Most recently, it has been working to acquire Icelandic Group’s U.S. and Asia operations, which would help foster greater influence in the U.S. market.

IntraFish’s Media Person of the Year accolade recognizes seafood industry insiders who affect positive change.


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