High Liner Foods Delivers on Commitment to Source Sustainable


LUNENBURG, N.S. — High Liner Foods has announced that 99 per cent of its seafood purchases are from certified sustainable or responsible sources.

“Three years ago, we set an ambitious goal that fundamentally changed the way we do business, and I’m very proud that we’ve achieved 99 per cent of that goal,” said Henry Demone, CEO of High Liner Foods. “I applaud the efforts of our entire team, and particularly our corporate director of sustainability, Bill DiMento, and our Sustainability Council, procurement team, and systems development team for giving us a tool to track raw material purchases.”

Of the eight major species of fish and shellfish that High Liner Foods purchases, it has achieved 100 per cent of its goal for Atlantic cod, haddock, pollock, sole/flounder, Pacific cod and Pacific salmon. The company has achieved 98 per cent of its commitment for tilapia and 91 per cent for shrimp.

The company has also issued a report on its progress that can be viewed at highlinersustainability.com

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