High on Grass


TORONTO – If someone told you the 2009s were looking like an excellent vintage, you’d likely be a little confused and rightly so. Many grapes have only just been harvested and wines are currently being processed and transferred into casks for aging. But as it turns out, 2009 is an excellent vintage — for grass-fed beef.

According to a newsletter published by Mario Fiorucci, a lawyer-turned-butcher and owner of The Health Butcher in Toronto, “we have just entered into one of the best years on record for 100-per-cent grass-fed beef.” While the summer rain and cool temperatures played havoc on food crops, like corn and tomatoes, it’s created exceptional growing conditions for grass. Customers purchasing certified-organic meats expect that the animal was treated in a humane fashion, allowed to graze in open pastures, avoiding a diet of bi-products and antibiotics. Still, Fiorucci cautions consumers that not all organic beef is 100-per-cent grass-fed, as some organically raised cattle have their diets supplemented with grain to increase marbling in the meat. He adds that cuts of the less-fatty 100-per-cent grass-fed beef without “Prime” marbling can still produce incredible flavour — and it’s easier on your heart, too.

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