Holy Chuck Pulls “Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” Burger From Menu


TORONTO — Two burgers have been yanked from the menu at Toronto’s Holy Chuck Burgers after customers complained about the offensive nature of “The Half-Breed” and “Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” burger, according to the Toronto Star.

“The term ‘shalf-breed,’s if you look it up in just about any dictionary, is really a negative, disparaging and offensive term used to describe people of mixed ancestry, specifically people of mixed indigenous and non-indigenous ancestry,” Ryerson University professor Pamela Palmater told the Star.

Owners said the burgers were dubbed “Half-breed” because the patties are mixed with cured bacon and beef, and the “drunken” term referred to an alcohol-laden topping. After hearing it was a racial slur, co-owner Bill Koutroubis said he immediately took the two burgers off the menu.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s Twitter and Facebook page were flooded with complaints. “More saddening than the offensive nature of the naming of this burger is that the owner was completely ignorant to how derogatory and offensive it really is,” wrote one user on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Other users defended the restaurant.

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