Homemade Fare, a Growing Niche Market


TORONTO — It looks like the foodservice industry has some new competition. According to a recent Globe and Mail story, a growing number of home cooks are capitalizing on the power of the Internet, earning extra dough pedalling dishes like perogies and roti on Facebook and Craigslist.

The new trend appeals to bachelors and college students aching for a taste from home at an affordable price or people who like knowing exactly what’s in their food. Claudette Sole of Windsor, Ont., for example, trusts Gerene Murphy’s perogies. “I know her, I know who she is, I know how clean she is,” she was quoted as saying in the paper. “I know what goes in them, whereas at the store, I don’st know whose hands were on them.”

The downside is there’s no way to guarantee food safety and cleanliness, a factor many are seemingly willing to overlook.

For the complete Globe and Mail story, click here.


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