Huffington Post Names Top Eats in Winnipeg


WINNIPEG — Winnipeg has been making progress on the restaurant scene during the past several years, according to The Huffington Post Canada.

“In the last five years, I’ve noticed a jump in people trying to put new food on the scene and trying new restaurant concepts, too,” journalist Robin Summerfield told The Huffington Post Canada. “Everybody counts us out.” She adds: “But this is a great place to start a business. You can afford to live here, and you can afford to take a chance and maybe explore the dream that you have.”

Winnipeg is home to food trucks, such as Pimp My Rice (which serves Filipino cuisine), pop-up restaurants and interesting local food, such as pickerel.

The Post also noted top restaurants in Winnipeg such as, Segovia Tapas, Bonfire Bistro, Deseo Bistro, Wasabi on Broadway and Purple Hibiscus. [The Huffington Post Canada]








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