Human Rights Commission Calls for End to Sexualized Workplace Dress Codes

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TORONTO — The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) is calling for an end to sexualized dress codes that discriminate against female and transgender employees in the workplace.

The OHRC’s policy position on gender-specific dress codes states that “Sexualized and gender-specific dress codes are all too common in some restaurants and bars, and can be found in other services. Whether in formal policy or informal practice, they contribute to an unwelcome and discriminatory employment environment for women. Employees may feel pressured to agree to sexualized dress requirements because they fear losing tips, shifts or even their jobs.”

In November, female employees complaining of tight-fitting, skimpy uniforms received new work outfits at Bier Markt following a CBC News Go Public investigation. OHRC made the release yesterday in a policy position on gender-specific dress codes, in recognition of International Women’s Day.


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