iCombi: The intelligent choice


The RATIONAL iCombi system is proving its worth at a time where consistency, ease of use, and labour savings have become key to survival, whatever the size and scope of operations. 

“The way business is going you need to be as quick as possible and produce consistent quality results in the fastest way possible. iCombi is doing that by bringing intelligence forward even more,” says Kevin Pelissier, national corporate chef, RATIONAL Canada.

iCombi’s intuitive touch display allows users to enter all the parameters they want to use to cook with that process at the touch of a button, regardless of the user’s skillset, he adds. “You can reproduce consistent products every single time.”

The iCombi Pro comes stocked with hundreds of integrated cooking processes, all of which are customizable. Kitchens can even leverage RATIONAL’s digital kitchen management solution, ConnectedCooking, to download even more recipes from around the world. Users can customize recipes, add logos and images, and access a vast library of recipes from around the world and send them to their units. “It gives chefs even more access to global cuisine – which is increasingly important in Canada,” says Pelissier.

iCombi units can also play an important part in overcoming labour shortages and escalating costs, he adds. “An untrained kitchen employees can easily produce the same consistent cooking results as the head chef. It also helps customers do more with less by getting a 15 to 20-per-cent better yield.”

iCareSystem Autodose is the newest time and labour-saving innovation. The autonomous cartridge chemical delivery system simplifies and automates cleaning.

“The best part is, all of this can be achieved with the simplest interface of the market,” says Pelissier.

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