IKEA Canada Introduce New Seasonal Menu Items


BURLINGTON, Ont. — IKEA Canada is adding a new item to its restaurant menu — salmon balls. Made from ASC-certified salmon and MSC-certified cod, IKEA’s salmon balls are both sustainably sourced and responsibly produced.

“At IKEA, we want to inspire and enable Canadians to live a healthy and sustainable life, within the limits of the planet,” says Danielle Beauchesne, IKEA Canada food manager. “With the IKEA salmon ball, we are able to offer a delicious new plate inspired by our Swedish roots, with a carbon footprint that is approximately seven-times lower than the traditional meatball.”

Seasoned with seaweed and lemongrass, the salmon balls will be accompanied with seasonal side dishes, such as mashed potatoes and tomato-spinach ragout ($6.99).

This launch follows a series of steps the company has taken to offer healthier food options to its guests. IKEA introduced veggie balls in 2015 and a veggie hot dog in 2018 as plant-based alternatives.

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