Imvescor Acquires Commensal Manufacturing Facility


MONCTON, N.B. — Imvescor Restaurant Group has signed a $4.2-million deal to acquire a manufacturing facility owned by Commensal, which will be used to manufacture its proprietary food products for Bâton Rouge, Scores, Mikes and Pizza Delight.


In addition to the manufacturing facility itself, the company has taken over the facility’s customer relationships, the trademark “Commensal” and retail products marketed under the brand. It plans to ramp up Commensal’s retail fresh soup business, of which 80 per cent is in Quebec.

“We are extremely excited about this opportunity as it will permit us to vertically integrate our operations under very attractive conditions. We had this objective in sight over the long term, but the much lower cost of entry offered by the Commensal opportunity compelled us to accelerate our strategic objectives,” said Denis Richard, CEO of Imvescor Restaurant Group.


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