Imvescor Shuffle


MONCTON, N.B. — Herb Breau, a director of Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc., has been elected chairman of the board at the company, which is home to Pizza Delight, Mikes, Scores and Baton Rouge.

But, that’s not all. Léandre Cormier of Scoudouc, N.B., owner and CEO of West-Wood Industries Ltd., and Kevin Comeau of Bathurst, N.B., owner and president of KLC Management, have been appointed to the company’s Board. This comes after the resignations of Rino Volpe, Jim Peterson, David Hawkins and Jacques Lemoine as members of the Board of Directors.

“IRG is a strong company with solid brands that will meet the challenges of the future,” says Breau of the movement. “The board will continue to work with management to effect the changes necessary to build the earnings and growth of the company.”


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