Inabuggy Partners with McEwan Fine Foods to Introduce 3D Virtual Grocery Shopping Experience


TORONTO — On-demand grocery delivery service Inabuggy has partnered with McEwan Fine Foods Don Mills to launch the first 3D virtual grocery-shopping portal in Canada to enable customers to visually shop for groceries from home.

By selecting the option to shop virtually on the Inabuggy app or website, customers are virtually transported to McEwan Don Mills (38 Karl Fraser Road, Toronto), where they can “walk through” the carefully curated aisles in a seamless 3D-store environment and visually shop and select grocery items from the comfort of home.

“Our first-of-its-kind virtual-shopping portal piloted with McEwan Don Mills is offering customers a glimpse into the online grocery-shopping experience of the future,” says Julian Gleizer, CEO and founder of Inabuggy. “This premium experience enhances both customer engagement and convenience, and lets customers get a close-up view of store items within each aisle, letting them feel like they are physically in the store.”

As more customers continue to shop for their groceries online during the pandemic, the new 3D shopping experience allows customers to quickly shop or browse the aisles for fresh produce, meats, fish, restaurant-quality prepared meals and gourmet grocery items, while finding the items they want in the same place, each and every time they access the platform.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Inabuggy to launch this exciting virtual grocery-shopping portal at McEwan Don Mills,” says Mark McEwan, chef and owner of The McEwan Group. “We have a wide variety of unique products and quality produce and this feature will allow our guests to discover our offerings from the comfort of their homes, making it even easier to eat well.”

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