Informed Dining Program Comes to Manitoba


WINNIPEG — The Informed Dining Program — an initiative that gives consumers access to comprehensive nutrition information before ordering — has officially launched in participating restaurants in Manitoba.

“The launch of Informed Dining in Manitoba is a tangible sign of the momentum this program is gaining with both restaurants and governments in all parts of Canada,” said Garth Whyte, president and CEO of the CRFA.

“Commitment to the initiative is illustrated by the participation in today’s launch by iconic restaurant brands: Boston Pizza, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, McDonald’s, Subway and Tim Hortons. These are some of the more than two dozen leading restaurant chains that are implementing Informed Dining and will be rolling it out across the country.”

The program was developed by the B.C. government in partnership with the restaurant industry. Participating foodservice establishments display the Informed Dining logo and directional statement on menus and menu boards to let diners know the information is available. As part of the program, nutrition information (calories and 13 core nutrients) is provided for standard menu items and calorie and sodium content is highlighted to provide information regarding daily calorie and sodium requirements.

The program is expected to launch in Ontario during the next few months.




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