Inside McD’s Test Kitchen


NEW YORK — Introducing a new product at McDonald’s is no easy feat; it takes months of research and employee collaboration to create each new menu item. But the mystery ends now as ABC Nightline gives us an insider pass to the action in a recent report, detailed with text and video, that shows the innovation process at the Oak Brook, Ill.-based, fast-food giant.

The process begins with executive chef Dan Coudreaut, who builds recipes that can be executed quickly with ingredients that are widely available to feed the chain’s influx of daily customers. The products are then tested for consistency at its Department of Sensory Evaluations before more fine-tuning and testing can continue at its Innovation Center.

“Our focus is execution. We have to be able to execute every day. We serve 60 million customers a day around the globe in 117 countries. That’s a big responsibility,” McDonald’s executive vice-president, Jeff Stratton, explains in the report, which also details how food is tailored to meet needs in other countries, like France, which boasts more than a thousand locations.


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