iPads Hit T.O. Restos


TORONTO — A few months ago, news surfaced about American restaurateurs using the Apple iPad as a wine list, and now Toronto restaurants are following suit.

According to a recent article in the Toronto Star, the menu-sized electronic tablet has been adopted at some Toronto restaurants, including E11even and 7Numbers. E11even, which displays its wine selection on 40 circulating iPads, is the first Canadian customer of the New York-based company Incentient, which has been producing digital wine lists for several years, the Star reports.

“We worried the technology might put off older customers, but they are the ones who like it most,” Jonathan Gonsenhauser, one of E11even’s sommeliers, told the Star. “They are delighted to find the technology easy and fun to use. And, the screen resolution makes it is easier to read text in dim light.”

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