Italian Chamber of Commerce Presents Pentola d’oro Awards


TORONTO — Last week, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Ontario presented its annual Pentola d’oro Awards, as part of its “Under the Stars” celebration highlighting excellence in a group of leaders in the Italian community of restaurants and suppliers.

Among the winners on the restaurant side were Massimo Capra, chef and owner of Capra’s Kitchen in Mississauga, Ont., who won the Italy-Canada Award, and Salvatore Mele of the Mele Group (Oretta Restaurant, Toronto) who garnered the Innovative Entrepreneur Award. Halpern Enterprises won the Italian Wine Award.

As part of the virtual presentation, which saw more than 200 people in ‘attendance’ to celebrate the award recipients, the Chamber also featured a demo from Michelin-star chef Christina Bowerman, who presented virtually from Rome. Attendees who wanted to experience the three-course menu created by chef Bowerman were able to order meal kits prepared by Eataly, which featured Bowerman’s recipes presented as part of a theme called “The Future, Present and Past of Authentic Italian Cuisine.”

A special recognition was also presented to Anna Erba, Giacomo Erba and Andrea Copreni for their contribution to the hospitality sector in Toronto and in Milan, Italy, through their various investments and restaurant ventures (Stelvio and Buono Restaurants in Toronto).

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