Jack Astor’s Logs 20 Years


BURLINGTON, Ont. — November marks the 20th anniversary of Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill, the flagship restaurant of the Burlington Ont.-based SIR Corp.

Peter Fowler and his partners launched the brand in 1990, introducing a new style of service. “When we first opened Jack Astor’s in St. Catharines; we introduced something cutting edge. There was a laid-back style, an irreverent sense of humour and our service staff wore T-shirts they’d decorated instead of uniforms. No one else was doing that,” says Fowler of the chain, which logged more than $100 million in sales as of Aug. 2009. “In some ways, they were pretty daunting times, because we were doing something completely new. But we also knew we had something unique in Jack Astor’s, and by 1991, we began to expand. Twenty years later, with 32 locations, we’re still relevant and innovative.”

Since the early days, the restaurant has transformed from a bar-like atmosphere to a more contemporary casual restaurant, a change evidenced in three new Toronto locations and, more recently, a new Montreal site. And, in keeping with the times, the menu is constantly evolving and currently filled with dishes that offer quality fresh ingredients at affordable prices such as chicken wings, AAA-grade steaks and internationally inspired dishes, including Pad Thai

“Jack Astor’s is positioned for growth. We are just getting started,” says Fowler.


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