James Beard House Welcomes Canada’s Top Chefs


NEW YORK — Canadian culinary ambassadors are preparing to gather at the James Beard House in Manhattan for a special Canada’s Top Chefs dinner Oct. 25.

John Jackson and Connie DeSousa of Charcut; Jeremy Charles of Raymonds; Todd Perrin of The Chef’s Inn and Mallard Cottage; and Rob Rossi of Bestellen have designed a menu to complement Canadian suppliers and producers.

“We are honoured to be part of this James Beard House event, working alongside peers who inspire us and who we admire,” said DeSousa. “New York is the world’s most sophisticated lab for culinary experimentation and breakthrough. The James Beard House is where magic happens.”

Menu highlights include bison heart kielbasa with Indian celery and fennel kraut, rabbit and Spragg Farms porchetta with crispy artichokes and salsa verde, followed by thyme-chamomile custard with blueberry sorbet, sablé crumble, and honeyed yogurt.

For more information, visit jamesbeard.org.

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