Japan’s Battle of the Sexes


TORONTO — Ironically, the place women once fought to leave is now one place they’re fighting to return. The disparity between the sexes in professional kitchens continues and in few places is the inequality more apparent than in the sushi industry.

According to a recent Toronto Star article, of the hundreds of sushi restaurants dotting the city’s landscape, only three women are in charge of the rolling, dicing and decorating that sushi creation entails. It turns out Mina Makimine, a chef at the Japanese consul-general’s home in Forest Hill, has even been told her period affected her ability to craft the Japanese fare.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Shigeo Kimura, chef and owner of Ginko Japanese Restaurant, likes female chefs. “Women are more creative. Women are more sensitive. I believe they are much better for sushi chef. But unfortunately we don’t have it — still the majority of sushi chefs in Canada are men,” he told the newspaper.

For the complete Star report, click here.


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