J.C. Poirier Returns to Vancouver


VANCOUVER — According to numerous food-media sources in the city, chef J.C. Poirier is set to return to Vancouver.

Last year, Poirier shuttered the doors at his restaurant, Chow, to ply his trade in South America, but he’s back in town and has taken the role of chef de cuisine at Robert Belcham’s rustic Italian eatery, Campagnolo, where he will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the kitchen as well as menu development.

Scoutmagazine.com is running an advance copy of the restaurant’s coming press release, which is set to go out today. 

“J.C.’s undeniable skill and enthusiasm for creating incredible food with integrity is an asset to Campagnolo’s commitment to quality ingredients and employee development,” said Belcham, proprietor of Campagnolo Restaurant. 

Poirier has loads of kitchen experience in some of Canada’s best fine-dining restaurants, including Toqué! in Montreal and Lumière and C in Vancouver.

“The culinary scene is dramatically changing in Vancouver,” said Poirier. “I’m thrilled to be working with Belcham and the Campagnolo team during this incredibly exciting time.”

Poirier is expected to begin working at Campagnolo May 1.


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