Johnny Rockets Expands Internationally


ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — The Johnny Rockets footprint is expected to more than double with overseas expansion into the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan and Morocco.

“The thing that makes Johnny Rockets such a unique international brand is that, although people can get a hamburger anywhere, we actually provide the decor, music, dancing, food and fun that signifies the best America has had to offer throughout the past 100 years,” said Steve Devine, Johnny Rockets SVP of International Development.

The company opened its first Dominican Republic-based restaurant in Santo Domingo in early June. Five restaurants are planned for Indonesia and five stores are scheduled to open in Nigeria this fall. Another 40 locations are planned for Russia, 30 for Brazil and 10 for Pakistan and Morocco. The chain plans to add three locations in United Arab Emirates to its existing portfolio of six units, 30 locations in Korea to its existing five units and 15 to 20 franchised locations domestically.

Currently, the chain operates 68 restaurants.

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