Kelowna Restaurant Poppadoms Closing


KELOWANA, B.C. — On New Year’s Eve, the Dosanj family announced plans to close their popular farm-to-table Indian restaurant, Poppadoms.

“It’s not a failure to decide to sell the business: it’s only a failure if we didn’t learn anything from this experience,” stated Aman Dosanj in a Facebook post. “We have all made a difference, changing perspectives of Indian food and family business, even if it’s been in a small way. There wasn’t a family feud, nor are we closing for financial reasons; it was just time to move on and look ahead.”

The self-taught restauranteurs are each moving on with their careers. Harry works as a bartender at Juniper in Vancouver and Jasmin is now the assistant manager and sommelier at Home Street Café and Bar in Vancouver. Jas is expected to open a stall at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market and Aman is set to travel to and write.

Poppadoms will have its final service on Jan. 9, featuring a special five-course meal.

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