Kelseys Launches New Campaign to Encourage Restaurant Dining


TORONTO — Kelseys Original Roadhouse has launched its new integrated campaign, Trip down the block, to encourage restaurant dining and promote a sense of everyday adventure by capturing the brand’s music, social atmosphere, authentic service and abundant food.

“We know that our original roadhouse dining experience has always been something that has set us apart. We wanted to lean into that road trip mindset but apply it to the everyday at a time when we know people are really looking to enjoy socializing in restaurants again,” says Shannon Lawler, director of Marketing at Kelseys Original Roadhouse. “We know people will prioritize getting together to have fun and enjoy an engaging out-of-home dining experience. Being able to connect with our guests in ways that evoke emotion is what we believe will elevate this experience in each of our roadhouses.”

Launched in TV broadcast and online video, the campaign was created by Toronto-based Ostrich Studios.

“There’s a lot of creative potential unleashing the folklore behind roadhouse,” says Christina Yu, partner at Ostrich Studios. “Enjoying that sense of everyday adventure is important for people, even if they’re just going down the block for a couple hours.”

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