Kennedy Earns Order of Canada


OTTAWA — Toronto-based chef Jamie Kennedy was one of 54 Canadians honoured last week with the Order of Canada by Governor-General David Johnston.

Known for his culinary skills, the recognition also takes into account his role in the promotion of local, Canadian cuisine. In 1989, Kennedy co-founded Knives and Forks in Toronto, bringing together chefs and restaurateurs with farm producers, which pioneered farm-to-table awareness countrywide. He continues to champion local-food movements through his public appearances, creation of farmers’s markets and a commitment to a network of local producers.

Kennedy has also been influential in shaping the restaurant and fine culinary environment in Canada during the past 30 years with critically acclaimed restaurants in Toronto, including the Palmerston Restaurant, Jamie Kennedy at the ROM, Jamie Kennedy Event Catering and most recently Gilead Café & Bistro, which opened last year.


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