KFC Canada Adds Sweet Chili Crunch Chicken To Menu


VAUGHAN, Ont. — KFC Canada has announced a new flavour addition to its menu. KFC Sweet Chili Crunch, available Oct. 20, will offer a sweet but spicy flavour.

“If there is one thing we love as much as innovation, it is our fans,” said David Vivenes, CMO, KFC Canada. “KFC lovers have been asking for a new and exciting recipe in addition to our famous and beloved original recipe, and we are so proud to introduce this sweet, spicy and crunchy limited-time offering to our fans.

The Sweet Chili Crunch chicken is marinated overnight in undisclosed spices and breaded by KFC cooks.

This fall, Vaughan, Ont.-based KFC Canada is also highlighting its commitment to food with its Cook Certification Program. The program teaches KFC cooks the art of hand-breading and marinating chicken.

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