KFC Canada Announces Partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada


VAUGHAN, Ont. — KFC Canada is partnering with Chicken Farmers of Canada and will begin featuring the Raised-by-a-Canadian-Farmer seal on its in-store packaging, signage at Canadian KFC locations and on its social-media pages and website. The seal demonstrates KFC Canada’s commitment to using chicken raised to the highest standards of quality and care by Canadian farmers.

“The Raised-by-a-Canadian-Farmer brand is synonymous with origin and quality and is a symbol for the innovation, pride and hard work Canadian chicken farmers put in every day,” says Benoît Fontaine, chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada. “For years, KFC Canada has demonstrated to the world that chicken partners throughout the Canadian value chain are committed to delivering on consumer expectations for food safety, animal care and sustainability.”

The seal stands for a set of three exacting standards: animal care, ensuring chicken health and welfare on farms; on-farm food safety, emphasizing cleanliness, safety and biosecurity on farms; and sustainability, committing to sustainability efforts and farm-land preservation.

According to Chicken Farmers of Canada’s 2016 Sustainability Report, 80 per cent of Canadians say they trust farmers and 77 per cent say they trust Canadian-raised chicken seals.

“KFC Canada appreciates that Canadian consumers not only have a vested interest in where their food comes from, but the values a restaurant upholds,” says Nivera Wallani, president and general manager of KFC Canada. “KFC is famous for our taste, but we’ve always been equally dedicated to the chicken we serve. We’re excited to partner with Chicken Farmers of Canada in the Raised-by-a-Canadian-Farmer branding program as it signifies the quality, passion and commitment of Canadian chicken farmers — values the Colonel himself exemplified in everything he did.”

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