KFC to Introduce Boneless Chicken Stateside


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — KFC is preparing to introduce boneless chicken in its U.S. stores April 14.

“Our customers have seen the beginning of a menu revolution at KFC over the past several months, as we’ve introduced new, contemporary products such as Original Recipe Bites, Chicken Littles, Li’l Bucket Kids Meals and Dip’ems,” said John Cywinski, president of KFC U.S.

“Now we’re proud to introduce the flagship product on the KFC menu, Original Recipe Boneless. This is more than just a promotional product; it’s a new way of doing business at KFC.”

Due to customer demand and positive reviews from test markets, the chicken will be available in white and dark meat varieties; it will be hand breaded using the original KFC recipe.

According to CBC News, the product will only be available at U.S. locations.

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