KFC Transforms Web Video into TV Ad


KFC won a half-million views in two weeks with its online video of X Games Moto gold medallist Bryce Hudson doing a backflip on his bike, while eating chicken, and now the chain has revamped the video for use as a television ad.

The video is part of the #HowDoYouKFC movement launched earlier this month and was intended solely for online placement, but after its success the chain is turning the piece into a prime-time television spot.

“So much of the #HowDoYouKFC movement centres around our fans,” said Jason Marker, GM for KFC U.S. “When we saw that the Bryce Hudson video was quickly emerging as a fan favourite, we wanted to make it even bigger — and put it on TV.”

KFC plans to continually evaluate options for fan-driven content as the campaign progresses.

The #HowDoYouKFC campaign celebrates the connection fans have with the brand and its food. Fans are invited to participate in the movement by uploading photos or videos through the chain’s social-media pages, using the hashtag #HowDoYouKFC.

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