KFC’s Double Down Debuts in Canada


TORONTO — Canadians can now buy the infamous KFC Double Down sandwich on their own soil where it will be available until Nov. 14.

The Double Down features two pieces of bacon and two pieces of processed Pepper Jack cheese, wrapped in two chicken breasts. Dubbed KFC’s most successful sandwich, more than 10 million were reportedly sold in less than a month in the U.S., when it first appeared on the scene in May.

Bashed by U.S. health critics for its 540 calories (fried) or 460 calories (grilled), its success is attributed to its targeted market of working class consumers who want more value for their dollar. “It’s about quantity,” Darren Tristano of Technomic Inc., Chicago, Ill., told salon.com in April. “Whether we like it or not, this product will appeal to a significant portion of the consumer base.”


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