Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya Re-Invents Culinary Experience

Kinka Sushi Bar meal on table

TORONTO — The decline in Toronto’s izakaya scene is evident, marked by numerous Japanese pub establishments facing bankruptcies and declining revenues. Acknowledging the economic downturn, Kinka Family, a Japanese restaurant group in North America, has initiated a substantial re-branding initiative, dubbed as Kinka 2.0. This effort has led to the transformation of Kinka Izakaya into Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya, now established in North York and Harbourfront in Toronto.

“It’s been a successful launch of Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya in North York and Harbourfront,” says Keisuke Hashimoto, senior director of Operations at Kinka Family. “These are our first locations in Canada, and the response has been exceedingly positive. We’re excited to expand our presence with additional locations in the future.”

Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya strives to enhance its menu by introducing an elevated dining experience, prioritizing exquisite cuisine, appealing presentation and high-customer satisfaction, all within a personable atmosphere.

Central to this evolution is the concept of Omakase, a dining style where the chef chooses and presents a series of dishes to the customers. At Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya, the tasting menu showcases iconic sushi and sashimi, complemented by Japanese cocktails. This addition is inspired by the success achieved at JaBistro – an establishment of the Kinka Family, renowned for providing sushi enthusiasts with a decade of memorable dining experience.

“While our sushi and menu have long championed the quality and authenticity synonymous with Japanese cuisine, it’s now imperative to spotlight our sushi expertise prominently on the menu and within the restaurant’s name,” says Hashimoto. “This evolution ensures our alignment with customer preference while integrating contemporary and modern elements.”

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