Krispy Kreme Launches Three New Coffee Blends


One-of-a kind doughnuts deserve a special blend of coffee. That’s the thinking behind Krispy Kreme’s launch of its new Signature Coffee Blends, which debut today in the U.S and Canada. Three new coffee blends have been specially crafted to complement Krispy Kreme’s distinctive doughnuts.

“From medium to full-bodied flavour, each blend features a smooth, distinctive flavour profile made from 100 per cent Arabica beans,” explains Ron Rupocinski, Krispy Kreme’s Corporate Chef.

Krispy Kreme Signature House blend, Krispy Kreme Signature Dark Roast and Krispy Kreme Signature House Decaf are available in 12-oz., 16-oz. and 20-oz. cups; a 96-oz. Brew Box for sharing with groups at the office or home is also available. Each new coffee concoction is available freshly ground or for take away in 12-oz. retail bags.

Krispy Kreme is an international retailer of premium-quality sweets, including its Original Glazed doughnut. Headquartered in North Carolina, the company was founded in 1937. Today, Krispy Kreme can be found in more than 650 locations around the world.

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