Kruger Products Wins Coveted CIPEC Leadership Award


MISSIAUGA, Ont. – Kruger Products L.P., Canada’s leading manufacturer of quality tissue products, was recognized for its environmental leadership and energy conservation achievements through the 2011 Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) Leadership Awards.

The Company earned this distinction for its innovative biomass gasification system in its New Westminster, BC tissue facility. This state-of-the-art technology is the first of its kind in Canada and in the entire pulp and paper industry.  The award was presented by Natural Resources Canada as part of the Energy 2011 Lean and Green Future conference on November 29, 2011.

“Since coming online nearly two years ago, the biomass gasification system has already reduced emissions at the plant by 36%, which is equivalent to planting two million trees or removing 3,500 vehicles from the roads,” said Frank van Biesen, Vice President, Technology, for Kruger Products. “This technology is making real improvements and moving us toward our sustainable development goals.”  The key to this technology is converting locally sourced wood waste that is otherwise destined for landfill into clean-burning “syngas” that replaces natural gas in the steam-generating boilers.

“The CIPEC Leadership Awards demonstrate the outstanding achievements of companies that have distinguished themselves in their work to improve energy efficiency,” said David Anderson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources.  “I congratulate Kruger Products on this award and for their leadership in advancing clean energy technologies.”

Kruger Products is being recognized in the category of Process and Technology Improvements for its achievements as a Canadian company making great strides to contribute to a cleaner environment for everyone. The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) began the Leadership Awards in 2005. Submissions are evaluated in one of five award categories against a clear set of criteria, including the project’s improved energy intensity, potential for broader use, contribution to the environment, innovation, other benefits and the quality of the submission. Each category has two winners.

As part of its Sustainability 2015 initiative, Kruger Products has introduced projects to improve technologies at its various facilities to integrate renewable energy sources into its operations and reduce its overall energy consumption. “We have a variety of these projects across our operations,” said Steven Sage, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Innovation. “We are focused on making the right choices and strive to ensure that our actions translate into meaningful savings and help protect the environment.” Through Sustainability 2015, Kruger Products is committed to, among other things, reducing its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, each by 15%. The biomass gasification technology brought the Company one giant step closer to achieving these targets. 

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