La Carnita Pop-up Finds Permanent Home


TORONTO — While many restaurants have extended market share by talking their kitchen to the streets, some entrepreneurs are doing it the other way around.

La Carnita, described as a pop-up “taqueria” and design shop, has found a permanent home on College Street in Toronto. The food truck for tacos is an off-shoot of OneMethod Digital + Design agency, and started as an experiment to gauge public interest in the hybrid concept.

“We had a theory about changing the face of street food in Toronto,” says Amin Todai, founder and chief creative officer, La Carnita.

Combining street art with street food for about a year now, the design agency’s culture of innovative thinking differentiated it from similar restaurants and pop-ups. “We didn’t have a specific outlet to put our artistic and culinary flare, so we created one,” said Todai. “There wasn’t an existing business model to support a joint venture of that kind, so we made our own.”

The College Street opening is already sparking conversation on Twitter and other social media.

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