La Prep Brewing Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — La Prep has committed to using only 100-per-cent Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee — becoming one of the first quick-service restaurant franchises in Canada to do so.

“We’re proud to serve customers great-tasting coffee while providing value to the customer experience and the direction of the money spent at our La Prep locations,” says La Prep CEO Naveen Seth. “In fact, every time a customer chooses to purchase a coffee at La Prep, they’re voting for a better world.”

The Rainforest Alliance brings together businesses, farmers and communities around the world to help solve urgent environmental and social challenges, such as deforestation, climate change and building economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people. It uses a comprehensive range of strategies to conserve forests around the world, including cocoa-growing regions where forests can be at risk to agriculture. The alliance and its partners have helped prevent the deforestation of nearly 4.4-million hectares in high-risk landscapes and forest frontiers.

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