La Prep Commits to Animal-Welfare Measures


MONTREAL — La Prep has committed to featuring plant-based foods, as well as exclusively sourcing cage-free eggs by 2025 and chicken certified by the Global Animal Partnership by 2024. The brand has developed its new animal-welfare policy in collaboration with Humane Society International/Canada, which assists food companies in implementing better animal-welfare standards in their supply chains.

“Responsible sourcing is important to our company and we are committed to improving the well-being of the animals within our supply chain,” says Naveen Seth, CEO, La Prep. “We look forward to working with our suppliers to offer our customers options that are more humane and sustainable and are proud to help raise the bar for animal welfare in Canada.”

Hens in the egg industry are usually confined in barren, crowded cages for their entire lives, while chickens in the meat industry suffer from unnaturally rapid growth rates and poor living, transport and slaughter conditions. Global Animal Partnership, an internationally recognized animal welfare certification scheme, requires that chickens are raised and slaughtered in more humane conditions, including slower growth rates and more space to move around.

La Prep is committed to working with Canadian suppliers to continuously advance its animal welfare standards. The company is also working to expand its network of Canadian eateries and opened five new locations in Ontario this year.

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