Labatt Introduces Blue 55


MONTREAL — Blue 55 (or Bleue 55, in Quebec) is Labatt’s newest incarnation, which taps into the customer call for less calories, offering 55 in a 341-ml bottle.

“The Bleue family already includes a variety of products, in particular Labatt Bleue, Bleue De-alcoholized and Bleue Dry, not to mention our newcomer, Bleue Lime,” says Mike Bascom, brand manager for Bleue at La Brasserie Labatt du Canada. “To mark the 60th anniversary of Bleue this year, the new Bleue 55 enhances the Labatt line and is well positioned in the low-calorie beer market.”

The new beer, which has 2.4-per-cent alcohol content, is part of the light beer segment, which accounts for 22 per cent of Canada’s total volume of beer sales and is continuing to grow, according to Labatt.

Bleue 55 is available in cases of six or 12, 341-ml bottles across Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.

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