Lamb Weston Introduces Stealth Fries Potato Dippers


PURPLE SPRINGS, Alta. — Fries are one of the most-profitable foods on the menu, according to Technomic and NPD Crest research (2015), and operators can charge more by adding a dip. So, Lamb Weston is introducing Stealth FriesPotato Dippers — a new product made to help operators serve dips in even more delicious and easy ways.

According to the Datassentials report, Condiments, Sauces & Dressings, 2019, 42 per cent of diners look forward to enjoying signature sauces, especially dips. That’s why dipsare on 30 per cent of all menus and are projected to grow five per cent over the next four years.

Potato Dippers are designed to be the perfect shape for scooping up dips and the Stealth coating helps them stay crispy to carry the weight of heartier dips. 

Chefs can utilize Dippers as a LTO, signature shareable app or serve them as a primary or secondary fry.

Further information is available through Lamb Weston fry experts or

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