Laprise Debuts Montreal Bistro


MONTREAL — Normand Laprise, and his partner Christine Lamarche, impressed with their culinary gem Toqué! and today, June 25, a new baby is being born in Montreal at the new  Brasserie T!.

Designed to be the cheaper cousin of its predecessor, the 55-seat space, which overlooks the fountains of the new Quartier through a glass wall, is opening just in time for the launch of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, minus the booze, which won’t be approved for sale until early next month.

Until then, patrons can enjoy meals for under $20 in a relaxed atmosphere populated by fresh local ingredients similar to what you might see in a French bistro. Expect dishes like charcuterie, head cheese, salmon and fries and brandade de morue as well as ribs and hamburgers.

“I wanted to express myself in a different way through cooking,” Laprise told Montreal’s Gazette. “It’s the classic repertoire but done in the Toqué! style. We’ll be just as strict when it comes to sourcing ingredients. No frozen shrimp, no New Zealand lamb. It’s the same philosophy as Toqué!, but with simpler plates and more volume. We may be serving fries, but as we never served fries at Toqué!, it took us three weeks to get them right.”

Look for the new eatery, open from 11:30 a.m., at 1425 Jeanne Mance St.


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