Lazeez Shawarma Donates $10,000 in Gift Cards


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Lazeez Shawarma has donated a record-setting $10,000 in gift cards for the Largest Restaurant Gift-Card Support Program, spearheaded by The Mississauga News, Brampton Guardian and Champions of the Cause.

The program will see thousands of $10 and $20 gift cards purchased from small- to mid-sized family- or independently-owned restaurants. The Champions of the Cause will distribute the gift cards in the community to encourage people to visit a local restaurant. Restaurants will benefit from sales above the gift-card value while attracting new business.

“We’re all hurting in the restaurant industry, but I honestly feel privileged to have this opportunity and to be in the position to be able to give back to our community,” says Sahib Rana, co-founder and franchise manager of Lazeez Shawarma. “The Restaurant Gift-Card Support Program is close to my heart because I’ve been in Canada for over three decades; my daughters were born here, and this is our home. Like good neighbours, we help each other. These are tough times for the restaurant industry, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. If the communities keep supporting the local businesses, we will get through this turbulence. We hope that what we’re doing will encourage other businesses to step up and help.”  

“By initiating the largest gift-certificate program in Ontario to support our local struggling restaurants, the Mississauga News and our Champions of the Cause have come together to build a culture of giving and sharing in our community,” says Gautam Sharma, Advertising director of The Mississauga News and Brampton Guardian. “This is the largest business-to-business program of its type in Ontario, which is only made possible through the generous support of like-minded community leaders who generously agreed to help support our local restaurants. These business leaders are the ‘Champions of the Cause’ and the real heroes who are giving back to their community by making this program possible. The record-setting commitment by the Lazeez Shawarma family reflects their culture of giving back to the community.”

“Our first priority with the gift card program is to donate the gift cards to frontline workers as a way of saying thank you,” says Sahib. “Frontline workers are the backbone of our community, and it’s important for us to show appreciation for their demanding work and sacrifices. It’s so important for us to say, ‘thanks for being there for us and we appreciate all you do.’ Canada has provided a safe and healthy environment for my family and giving back comes naturally.”

The Restaurant Gift-Card Support Program launched on Jan. 26 and will be ongoing throughout February.

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