L’Gros Luxe Offers Bacon Doughnut Burger


MONTREAL — Many chefs and restaurateurs are pushing the boundaries on customer cravings, experimenting with limited-time offers to generate buzz. That was the case with the bacon doughnut burger, which appeared on the menu at Montreal’s L’Gros Luxe Sept. 30, reports Mtl Blog.

The burger was topped with regular and peameal bacon, a beef patty, cheese and lettuce and covered with a doughnut bun, served with a side salad for $8.

L’Gros Luxe offers other unusual food combinations on its menu, such as Nutella French Toast and Tater Tot Poutine as well as a collection of Ceasars paired with snacks, such as a grilled cheese Caesar and mini-burger combo ($19) and the El Kartel Caesar, accompanied by a cheese quesadilla ($11). [mtlblog.com]


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