Lick’s Burgers in Trouble?


TORONTO — Toronto burger chain – Lick’s – has reportedly closed seven of its GTA locations.

According to CBC, two franchisees were locked out of their locations recently with bailiffs’s notices saying Lick’s head office owes rent to different landlords totalling almost $220,000.

“It is always surprising to our loyal customers when Lick’s stores close. Although it is true that we have closed stores over the past few years, it has been due to a restructuring process. The stores have closed for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include leases not being renewed because the location was too large, renewal rental fees were too high or negotiations with landlords were unsuccessful.” reads a post by the company on its official Facebook Page. The note goes on to say that some stores have re-opened, namely the Spadina location, as a result of successful negotiations. Others remain closed. The chain is planning to open a new store in Pickering in July.

Company’s president Denise Meehan, who launched the chain more than three decades ago, has not returned a request to comment on the situation.

image courtesy of Lick’s Facebook page



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