Lick’s Not Affected by Beef Recall


TORONTO — Lick’s president, Denise Meehan, has issued a statement stating that the chain’s burgers are not affected by a sweeping beef recall issued last week by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

“Lick’s uses Cargil, a completely different facility known for its high standards, to produce a majority of their Lick’s Burger products for sale at grocery stores, and Lick’s restaurant and these products are not affected by the CFIA recall,” said Denise Meehan, president of Lick’s Homeburgers and Ice Cream.

According to the burger chain, the CFIA has issued a confirmation that they will remove Lick’s from the list of companies associated with the recall.

The initial inclusion was due to an information that was not “forthcoming in a timely fashion” between the company and the CFIA.

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