Liquor By-Law Reconsidered


VANCOUVER – Vancouver restaurateurs can breathe a collective sigh of relief with news that a liquor bylaw, with a controversial provision, is being reconsidered.

The bylaw, which would have extended liquor hours while limiting alcohol sales to no more than 50 per cent of overall receipts, was supposed to be approved today (November 3), but has since been delayed. “Clearly it needs to be re-considered and this gives us the opportunity,” Suzanne Anton, NPA city councillor, was quoted as saying in The Vancouver Sun. “I am guessing not too many people are going to want to shut down a restaurant for serving a cheap hamburger and an expensive bottle of wine.”

The provision was set to curtail the trend towards restaurants selling more booze than food, but it has been given a second look after an outcry from restaurant owners worried about the effects such legislation could have on business.



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