Little Caesars Now Offering Delivery


DETROIT — Little Caesars has launched delivery service, offering the same menu price whether ordered for pick-up or delivery and regardless of order size. The delivery service is available only on Little Caesars’ app and website and powered through DoorDash Drive as the exclusive last-mile delivery partner.

“Our delivery service is available directly on the Little Caesars app and website, meaning now customers can satisfy their Crazy-Bread craving while staying in their lounge clothes,” says Ed Gleich, Chief Innovation Officer, Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

Little Caesars’ delivery service is bolstered by the company’s Pizza Portal pickup — a heated, self-service, mobile-order pick-up station designed to keep orders hot and secure. Customers use the Little Caesars app or website to order ahead, pre-pay and then choose pick-up or delivery. The app notifies the delivery driver when the order is ready. The delivery driver then bypasses the store counter, conveniently collects the order using Pizza-Portal pickup and delivers it to the customer. 

Complete integration between the Little Caesars point-of-sale systems, the digital-ordering website and mobile application, as well as the Pizza Portal and hot-bag-equipped drivers, helps ensure products are picked up within minutes of being out of the oven and arrive fresh. Integration also ensures a smooth experience for franchisees.

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