Lobster Fisheries Debate Continues In N.B.


FREDERICTON — New Brunswick chefs may have to wait a while longer to buy fresh, local lobster as local fisherman continue to debate and protest the low price of lobster.

Yesterday, disgruntled fishermen gathered outside Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield’s office to debate the in-province processing of Maine lobster.

And, according to the Canadian Press, although New Brunswick processors agreed to pay a minimum of $2.50 per pound for processed lobster and $3 per pound for live market lobster, the fishermen need $4 per pound to break even.

“They can’st take it anymore,” Christian Brun, a spokesman for the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, was quoted as saying by CP. “They’re going to go bankrupt and everybody’s on edge.”

The lobster season, which was scheduled to open today in the Northumberland Strait, has been rescheduled until Monday.

For more details on the lobster price debate, visit ctvnews.ca for the Canadian Press story on the subject.

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