Local Logistics


EDMONTON — While the global economy clambers for more and more energy, Canada’s remote northern regions have become hotbeds of activity, as multinational corporations explore the vast wilderness in search of the next big fossil fuel find. However, finding the fuel is just the first challenge, as a successful exploratory mission brings with it a whole new set of logistical challenges.

This is exactly the scenario that has played out in Alberta and resulted in the recent announcement from PTI Group, a firm specializing in modular workforce accommodations and catering services, which has signed an exclusive business relationship and alliance agreement with the Dene Tha’s First Nation.

The Dene Tha’s First Nation, located in north-western Alberta, holds inherent Aboriginal title, rights and interests within their vast traditional territory that includes the communities of Bushe River, Meander River and Chateh. This Nation has a vested interest in the growth of industry activity in the area and particularly in the Horn River Basin, which is being developed for shale gas — an unconventional form of natural gas.  

Industry operating in the region understands the importance of supporting the local communities, often contracting support services to companies that will provide tangible economic and social returns to the region. PTI will work directly with the Dene Tha’s economic development corporation, the Ndeh Limited Partnership, to provide workforce accommodations and catering services to oil and gas companies working in the Horn River Basin.

PTI and Ndeh will also collaborate on developing training and employment opportunities for those interested in foodservices and hospitality positions.  

“The relationship between PTI and the Dene Tha’s First Nation, through its Ndeh Limited Partnership, is a positive evolution in the methodology of economic engagement with First Nations. It is based on sound business practices and seeking mutually beneficial outcomes through active participation of the partners,” says Pat Cabezas, CEO of Ndeh Limited Partnership.

“PTI is very pleased with our new Agreement with the Dene Tha’s First Nation,” says Sandy Sanderson, director of Aboriginal Relations for PTI. “We believe we have aligned with a partner that shares our commitment to building a successful relationship and who is like-minded in their determination to bring long-lasting benefits to the Nation.”


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